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Friday, September 19, 2008

Reflexology Chart - Acupressure Points on our Palms & Foot

I had a scanned image of acupressure points present on our Palms & Feet. Thought of sharing the same with the readers.

Acupressure points on Palms -

Acupressure points on Foot -


Viqar said...

Could you please have a larger hand accu pressure point picture or points when we click enlarges so that old people with weak eye sight may access.
Or a bigger seperate ailment point charts that we can make out where the point is?

Anonymous said...

too small, please enlarge!

Anonymous said...

Arun said...
I fully endorse vigar's comments.
Alternatively please give detailed description with charts.

Maryann said...

I found looking at the charts very interesting . Recently I have been using detox foot patches and I felt there had to be more to it than the basic chart on the box. So I Google and found you, thank you for the interesting charts. Makes me wonder how ill I must be as the patches are coming out black.

Maryann said...

Very interesting charts, thank you it makes healing myself easier with a detailed chart.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting such a useful chart.. sharing is caring :)